Videos of Couples Study: Spring 2019

If you saw one of our print or online advertisements and are potentially interested in participating in the Videos of Couples Study, please carefully read the following information and also complete our eligibility survey.
  • Both you and your romantic partner must attend a 1 hour visit together
  • Compensation: You will each earn $15 for participating ($30 per couple)
  • Other details
    • As part of the study, you and your partner will answer questionnaires about yourself and your relationship. You will also be videotaped during a discussion activity
    • You will work with your partner at some points of the study and you will work independently at other points
    • You must be romantically involved with your partner for at least 1 year to be eligible (this includes both the total time dating and time married if applicable)
In order to determine whether you are eligible, you need to complete the brief survey at the website below. We will let you know within 3 business days of receiving your response whether you are eligible.

IMPORTANT: We ask for your contact information on the survey so we can let you know if you are eligible and then potentially schedule your appointment. Please double check this information to make sure there are no typos.