The Dating Couples Study: 2019

What is the purpose of the study?

The purpose of this study is to help researchers understand peoples’ views about themselves and their romantic partner, and to test the impact of a stress-reduction program.

What does the study involve?

This study has 3 components:
(a) 30-minute lab visit, where you will learn about the stress reduction program
(b) 14 day stress reduction intervention
(c) 2-hour lab visit with your romantic partner; you will complete a discussion activity together

What does the stress reduction intervention involve?

You will complete one 20-minute lesson per day, along with a short follow-up activity (which takes around 3-10 minutes). The lessons will be completed online. You will first be given instructions about the skill you are learning. Then you will go through a guided practice using that skill. Finally, you will complete self-guided practice. The research team has access to this online intervention, and thus will be able to determine if you have completed the daily activities. If you miss more than 4 lessons, your participation in the study will be terminated by the researchers.

What will happen at the second visit?

Both you and your partner will be hooked up to non-invasive cardiovascular equipment so we can measure your physiological reactions during the study. You (but not your partner) will also provide a dried blood spot, using a small finger prick just like someone with diabetes who is checking their blood sugar levels. You will each complete a variety of questionnaires and then complete a discussion activity together.

Who can participate?

People in a romantic relationship of at least 12 months are eligible to apply, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. In addition, you may be eligible if you:
  • Your romantic partner is able to attend the second visit
  • Do not regularly smoke cigarettes
  • Do not engage in systematic mind/body practice (e.g., yoga or meditation) >2 times/week
  • Are betweeen 18-30 years old
What will I get in compensation for participating?

The primary benefit of participating is free access to the stress reduction program. Prior participants have indicated that the program is helpful, and we are excited to offer it free of charge.
You will also either receive monetary payment or research credits in introductory psycholoy depending on whether you are enrolled in introductory psychology. Your partner will also be compensated.

You will receive:
  • $40  (or 4 credits)
  • $10 (or 1 credit) bonus compensation for completing at least 13 of 14 intervention activities
Your partner will receive: $25 (or 2 credits)

How to apply?

You need to complete the brief survey at the website below. We will let you know within a few business days of receiving your response whether you are eligible. Please contact us at if needed.

IMPORTANT: We ask for your contact information on the survey so we can let you know if you are eligible and then potentially schedule your appointment. Please double check this information to make sure there are no typos.