The Married Couples Study: Jan 2017 - Dec 2019

What is the purpose of the study?

The goal of this study is to understand peoples’ views about themselves and their
spouse. We also want to understand how these views can affect your health by testing your blood for specific substances (e.g., hormones and immune indicators).

What does the study involve?

Both you and your spouse must attend 2 separate 5 hour visits. All visits are on Mon-Fri and start at 9am and end at 2pm. You must arrive having fasted since 9pm the prior night for both visits. In between the visits, you will complete a 3-day diet record, where you will record the foods and drinks you had each day for 3 days.

What does each 5 hour visit involve?

You and your partner will both provide multiple blood samples (via a catheter) and answer questionnaires throughout each visit. Please ensure you are both comfortable with blood draws before applying. Although this is a study with married couples, you will actually spend most of both visits working on questionnaires independently. There will also be intermittent breaks during which you will relax and hang out in a room by yourself. The primary exception is a 30-40 minute discussion task that you will engage in with your spouse. We will give you a small snack for breakfast, and then additional food later if you are hungry after having been in our lab during lunchtime (you will not be able to eat during the study other than the small breakfast due to the blood samples we are collecting).

Who can participate?

Couples must be legally married at least 3 years. Anyone married 3 years, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender identity is eligible to apply. In addition, you may be eligible if you:
  • Do not regularly smoke cigarettes
  • Do not regularly work the swing shift (from 11pm-6am)
  • Are betweeen 30-60 years old

What will I get in compensation for participating?

You will receive free parking on campus for each visit. You will both receive a small breakfast at the beginning of each visit (an Ensure nutritional drink in the milk chocolate flavor). We will also provide you food towards the end of each visit as a thanks for participating.

You can each earn up to $320 for participating ($640 per couple). This payment is broken down into the following components:
  • Fasting before Visit 1: $20 each
  • Attending Visit 1: $125 each
  • Fasting before Visit 2: $20 each
  • Attending Visit 2: $125 each 
  • Completing  3 food records  in between visits: $30 each
How to apply?

You can read over the study consent ahead of time if desired here. In addition, if you would like to see the UD website for Dr. Jaremka, the principal investigator for this study, you can do so here.

Both you and your spouse need to complete the brief survey at the website below. We will let you know within a few business days of receiving your response whether you are eligible. Please contact us at if needed.

IMPORTANT: We ask for your contact information on the survey so we can let you know if you are eligible and then potentially schedule your appointment. Please double check this information to make sure there are no typos.